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The Tom Mix Museum depends on the support of our members. Our purpose is to preserve for future generations the history of Tom Mix. Our collection is unique in that the great majority of the artifacts actually belonged to Tom and are not just simply Tom Mix memorabilia. Not only did these items belong to him but most were used and used well. The saddles, bridles, spurs, chaps, hats and belts are well worn by a man who spent many of his waking hours horseback. Join us as we continue to preserve the memory and history of this most remarkable man. 


Territory Governor                      $10,000.

Deputy U.S. Marshall                   $5,000.               

Night Marshall                              $2,500. 

Madame                                          $1,000.

          Bounty Hunter                                $500.

                    Sheriff                                               $250.

                    Deputy Sheriff                                  $100.

                    Posse (family)                                     $50.

                    Range Rider (individual)                   $25.

                    Jr. Marshal (student)                          $10.

The Tom Mix Museum is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Memberships are tax deductible.

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