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Tom Mix in Riders of the Purple Sage

When corrupt lawyer Lew Walters (Warner Oland) is run out of a Texas town, he abducts Millie Erne (Beatrice Burnham) and her young daughter Bess and forces them to accompany him, leaving behind a heartbroken husband and father. Millie's brother, Texas Ranger Jim Carson (Tom Mix), leaves his service behind, takes the name Jim Lassiter, and dedicates his life to finding Walters and his sister and niece. After several years, his search leads him to the Arizona ranch of Jane Withersteen (Mabel Ballin), who becomes attracted to the stranger after he rescues her chief rider, Bern Venders (Harold Goodwin), from being beaten for a crime he did not commit. $10.00


Cowboys in Tallgrass

A remarkable series of DVD's produced right here in Oklahoma. The brainchild of Ken Greenwood this collection tells, with old photos, first person interviews and narrative, the stories of real life cowboys who once roamed the praires of northeastern Oklahoma. Some of these folks you may have never heard about, unless you happen to be a native. Some were famous world wide. Some were born here, some were just passing through, some settled for the long haul and are still here - cowboying in tall grass. An exceptional collection thanks to the efforts of an exceptional man.

The Museum has both the complete collection for sale and the individual DVD featuring Tom Mix.  Collection - $50.00 Individual - $10.00   

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